Posted by David Hayford on Nov 24, 2018
Christy Marquardt introduced Patty Anderson-Shew,
Patty Anderson-Shew
Patty announced that this is the 5th year of this program, having students from each of the five middle schools visit a local manufacturer. Winners included the following.
Alley Rosek of Carl Traeger School. Visited Lapham-Hickey Steel.
Owen Meyerson, Merrill Middle School, visited Muza Metal Products.
Abigail Furey, Tipler, AP Nonweiler.
Elijah Oates, South Park Middle School, Arrowhead Systems
Chloe Burroughs, Webster Stanley, Jay MAnufacturing.
Five middle school winners, with representatives of their schools. And, I believe, a couple representatives from the manufacturers.
Each of the winners read his/her winning essay. Each Appreciated the opportunity offered by the program to visit the manufacturer and learn about the opportunities presented by the manufacturing industry. All did a very nice job in their presentation. Well written essays, and very mature young students.
Julie Conrad of the School District talked about the importance of technical education in the school district. She appreciates the partnership the School District enjoys with the Chamber and Oshkosh Rotary.
Julie Conrad